Easy Laundry Saves You Money And Gives You Back Your Time

Get Extremely Fast


For Your Old/Unwanted Clothes

(Whilst Supporting Communities Less Fortunate!)

Clothing recycling Has never been easier

4 SIMPLE Steps

  • If you arrange a clothing recycling event, we will provide the bags.
  • We will collect the bags once the event is over.
  • You can either drop your unwanted clothes off to one of our clothing banks or to any Easy Laundry store.
  • Alternatively, you can host a recycling event.
  • Then, we sort and weigh your clothes for you.
  • You then receive cash for the unwanted garments.
  • Easy money!
  • Jimmy Joe’s will recycle your clothes.
  • We work with contacts from all around the world.
  • Your unwanted clothes may be someone else’s dream!

Visit The Jimmy Joe's Website For More Info About Clothing Recycling

Clothing Recycling
Clothing Recycling

What We DO Buy

  • New and used clothing
  • Paired new and used shoes
  • New and used bags/ wallets/ purses
  • New and used belts
  • New and used single quilt covers (MUST have at least ONE pillow case with it- a sheet that fits the set will also be accepted)
  • New and used double quilt covers (MUST have at least TWO pillow cases – a sheet that fits the set will also be accepted)
  • New and used hats & ties

What We Don't Buy

  • Soiled or damaged clothing
  • Wet / damp clothing
  • Towels
  • Underwear
  • Soft Furnishings
  • Bric a brac
  • Plastic toys / Soft toys
  • Books / CD’s / DVD
  • Poor quality clothing

What Our Customers Say About Us

  • QUALITY - We OFFER a collection & delivery service that is fast and efficient without sacrificing quality. 
  • AFFORDABLE - We PRIDE ourselves in paying attention to detail so you don't have to. 
  • PROFESSIONAL - We PROMISE a quick and professional turnaround.